Interesting article that I wanted to share.


Apple is not the most valuable company in the history of the world. It’s not even Microsoft, which was reported to have been toppled by Apple today.

It’s IBM by a long shot.

Apple’s $661 billion market share does not account for inflation.  With inflation in account, IBM remains the historic winner with a 1967 value of $1.3 trillion.  

The Columbia Journalism Review put this into perspective today by calling out the press for their over zealousness in hoping to tell a  story about Apple and its victory.

Correction: The CJR’s IBM information is incorrect. Its 1967 market cap in today’s dollars is $192.3 billion. Microsoft is still number one when you account for inflation. Its market cap, as also stated by the Columbia Journalism Review “was actually about $856 billion in constant dollars, $235 billion more than Apple’s current market cap.”

Nonetheless, Apple’s run has been incredible. But it has…

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