Herb of the Day, Animal of the day, and Quote of the Day


The Herb of the Day:  Thyme

This is a genus comprising  of numerous species that are very diverse in appearance and come from very different parts of the world .  They are found as far as Greenland and western Asia, although the majority of this genus grows in the Mediterranean region.  This ancient herb was used by the Egyptians in oil used for embalming.  The Greeks used it in their baths and as an incense in their temples.  Tea made from thyme can be used as a gargle of mouthwash, and it is an excellent cure for a sore throat and infected gums.  It is also good for hangovers.  The essential oil in thyme is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and it is used in the making of toothpaste, and mouthwash.  The oil is also added to massage oils.  Lastly, the oil can be used to kill mosquito larva in the summer time.


The Animal of the Day: The Golden Potto

Pottos move slowly and carefully, always gripping a branch with at least two limbs. They are also quiet creatures. Their most common call is a high-pitched “tsic”, which is used mainly between mother and offspring.

Studies of stomach contents have shown the potto diet consists of about 65% fruit, 21% tree gums and 10% insects. Pottos have also occasionally been known to catch bats and small birds. Their strong jaws enable them to eat fruits and lumps of dried gum that are too tough for other tree-dwellers. The insects they eat tend to have a strong smell, possibly because more palatable insects are snatched up by faster-moving creatures.

The Quote of the day:

“My day doesn’t start until about noon; then it’s time for my afternoon nap.”

-Bob Hope



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